Sunday, February 3, 2008

Common Enemy-Groovy 7" (Sick of Talk) review

Common Enemy have been around for a few years now, and I guess are getting pretty big. This isn't a surprise since they've got a pretty smart (or lucky?) business plan, that includes signing on to do lots of split 7"s on several different labels. While they certainly aren't the best thrash style band out right now, they're certainly good enough to warrant being so popular.

This record is over so fast you don't really have time to discount the negatives about it. It's fast as hell East Coast style hardcore (think early Dischord with a better since of humor) that's intense and tight as hell. Bones Brigade are a good comparison (who also went with the whole Evil Dead theme at times), but not nearly as metal.

As stated before, the four songs on this record are all about the Evil Dead trilogy, which has sort of been done to death, but this isn't exactly the sort of record you buy hoping it will open you up to new musical landscapes. The cover artwork is cartoony and cool, fits the theme well. The b side of the record is a superb etching that just has to be seen. The vinyl itself is grey marble, which has always been one of the coolest colors the folks at United Pressing came up with.

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