Monday, February 25, 2008

Fuck This/State split 7" (Punks Before Profits) review

I was wary of this record. State were a cool band from way back when who put out a great 7", that's amazingly still in print. I had heard they did a few reunion shows last year that were really good, but I still just have a hard time believing all these reunions are legit. However, I was delightfully surprised with their side of this split. It's raw and angry, they haven't lost any of their bite over the years, and they're an example of how vets can actually put out new stuff without sounding stale. If you never heard them the first time around but you're a fan of early Touch and Go Records stuff, you should love this.

Fuck This is a new Michigan band featuring Ryan, the former bassist of I Object! splitting vocal duties with a girl. It's good stuff, fast hardcore that doesn't break any barriers musically (also reminds me of early Touch and Go), and honestly loses a little in the recording. The lyrics remind me a lot of I Object!, both in delivery and subject matter, very pro-active and anti herd mentality. Solid release in all.

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