Saturday, February 2, 2008

Podcast 2/2/08

I like the fact that I can always say that the most recent episode of the podcast is my personal favorite. This one's pretty low-key, and I'm goofing off a little, but it was fun. I'm getting better at working the software, too.

I didn't mean to put Korova on this. I had another song on the playlist and it got corrupted or something and wouldn't load right, so I had to add something quick. It was a cool late 70s song from Australia, and I'll put it in next time!

Murder City Devils-Dear Hearts
Authorities-Your Life

Death Sentence-Live to Die
Shadowy Men on A Shadowy Planet-Zombie Compromise
Neon Christ-We Mean Business

The Rivals-Here Comes the Night
The Coasters-Down in Mexico
Peacocks-Next Room Sleeping
Phil Ochs-My Life

No Rock Stars-Thrash
Born Against-A Whopper of a Tale

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In case you missed the new addition to the left sidebar, my family has hit a financial rough spot. Also, traffic is picking up on the blog and the free picture and MP3 hosting probably isn't to last too much longer because I'm just about hitting max bandwidth every month. I want to continue to do this, but there won't be as many downloads (mostly because I'll be trying to save bandwidth, but also because I want to focus more on the reviews, columns, and podcasts). Clicking an ad/considering a donation (which I really hate asking for because I know I'm certainly not the only person in financial troubles, but whatever) would help out a lot, and I appreciate it. The easiest way for anyone to help (besides just checking out some linked ad content) is by clicking on the banner up above and buying a copy of the Korova record for a measily $4.50.


The Needle Drop said...

Seriously nice playlist there! It's not often I find someone who's into Phil and Shadowy Men. Kudos to you!

Ian EBH said...

Thank you, sir! Phil Ochs and SMoaSP are both criminally under-rated.

br0q said...

shadowy men rules! i just recently found a copy of "dim the lights, chill the ham" after my lp died many years back..