Saturday, February 23, 2008

Podcast 2/23/08

I decided that instead of skipping an episode, I'd just re-scatter the schedule. There might be some issues with this one, I'm trying a new way to sequence the show and have some kinks to work out, so bear with me. I like the playlist a lot, though, so get into it.

(Intro) Tragedy-"The Intolerable Weight"

Converge-"No Heroes"
Dalek:Engam/The Blackstones-"The Bag I'm In"
Dead Boys-"Sonic Reducer"
Conniption-"Hopeless at 21"

Whoppers Taste Good-"Cheap Beer"
Wendy Rene-"After Laughter (Comes Tears)"
Thought Criminals-"Display/Response: Action"

The Dicks-"Rich Daddy"
Eddie Fontaine-"Nothin' Shaking"
Scream-"Who Knows-Who Cares?"

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