Thursday, February 21, 2008

Scream-Still Screaming LP

The sad thing about Scream is that they'll always be remembered as "that band that Dave Grohl used to be in". The fact is that the band was amazing and Dave Grohl didn't play drums on this record, anyway.

This record fits right into the early Dischord aesthetic. There was a pretty distinct vocal style going around DC in the early 80s, and you can usually call out the bands from that scene based on vocals alone. These guys went so far past that, though. They weren't as insane as Minor Threat, but they approached hardcore punk with the same carefree style that allowed the evolve within the scene, but by their own standards. There's a melodic element to this record that was almost non-existent in the rest of the East Coast bands at the time, the songs were markedly slower than other DC bands, but they retain the urgency of the scene.

I'd say that this is one the most under-rated early Dischord Records. Maybe even the most under-rated (the only one that might be above it, in my opinion, is the SOA single). Everybody knows Minor Threat were amazing, and Government Issue, while under-rated, still get due props. There was some over rated stuff, like the Teen Idles (sorry, but that single is 70% crap), and of course, Iron Cross (who I used to love, and I still own the Live For Now collection, but the older I get, the more of their catalog becomes unlistenable).

Dischord finally decided to re-issue this on vinyl. It's spot on, everything is reproduced just as the original, in the Dischord style. You have to love them.

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