Monday, February 25, 2008

Spazz/25 Ta Life-A Love Story...Of Hate 7" (Edison) review

This record has apparantly been sitting on shelves for 8 years. It was set for release and the place that was printing the covers went out of business and took all the money. If that's the case, they could have issued them without covers? I don't know, whatever. Also, because this was sitting around so long, all of the songs on this record have their way onto other collections for each band, this is really more for a collector or someone who has never heard either band than anything else.

I still think this is an odd pairing. If there is some sort connection between these two bands that I don't know about, please clue me in. The 25 Ta Life tracks sound exactly like all the other 25 Ta Life songs they recorded. I guess if you're into the style it's good, and while it's certainly better than a lot of the generic "NYHC" mosh stuff, it's almost completely uninteresting to me.

The Spazz material is excellent, but everyone knows I love powerviolence. It makes me want to go out and steal a Hummer for the sole purpose of running over Yuppies. They should call this "Run-Over-Fucking-Yuppies-Core".

Worth it for the Spazz stuff if you don't have it elsewhere.

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