Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Alternate Action/Marching Orders

I got two awesome records in this week that I decided not to separate into two posts.

Alternate Action are from Canada and play Oi!. Not hardcore, not "street" punk, it's Oi!. I haven't heard a band nail UK Oi! like this since...well, since the first time I heard old UK Oi!. It's incredible. To all the people who hold bands in this genre to the impossibly high standard of Shock Troops, this is your new favorite band. There are four songs on this 7" that are all varying degrees of awesome. Extra points for being on the coolest looking slab of color vinyl I've seen in a looooong time.

Buy it on Interpunk

I also got a split with Alternate Action, which is a little bit more hardcore tinged than the 7", but still good. The band on the B side, Marching Orders, may actually be better. The sound like Oxblood, but more melodic. And still menacing. Like...Menace, remember them? Or Major Accident. Holy shit, this record fucking rules.

Buy it on Interpunk

Alternate Action on MySpace
Marching Orders on MySpace

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