Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Godstomper/Gorgonized Dorks split 10" (Agromosh) review

I got this a few weeks ago because Godstomper was on it; I had never heard of Gorgonized Dorks even though they apparantly have a million releases. I didn't really got a chance to sit down and listen to it until last night, and I'm glad I waited.

The Gorgonized Dorks side of this record is spectacular. I haven't had this much fun sitting down with a hardcore record and reading through all the lyrics as the songs play in a really, really long time. Actually, this record is a fitting introduction to the band for me personally because this is same feeling I got while listening to some of the first records I heard by Godstomper. The music isn't groundbreaking, it's the same short bursts of grind you can hear on tons of records nowadays (26 songs on one side of the 10"!!!). The recording quality is kind of on the low side of things, and the vocals are all one level, just sort loud talking with a bit of screech and the high end turned all the way up. There's no way to really explain how cool it is. A lot of what I love are is the lyrics. They have that great "cut-and-paste" style of writing that is so to-the-point and no-bullshit you can tell the songs are fucking punk without even listening to the music. For example, "Rip Off":

I sent your records, did you recieve them?
I never got your parcel
I sent you e-mails, did you recieve them?
I never got your reply
Why not follow your word, you agreed to trade
Why not follow your word, to promises made

Godstomper deliver 8 songs of the bass heavy, heavily distorted grind they're famous for. Top notch as always, a great record for old and new fans alike. I got bummed out when I found out their side was recorded live on a radio broadcast because I figured the quality would be shit, but it's surprisingly well balanced, and the fact that it's a full set adds a good level of continuity to the recording. This is one of my favorite records right now.

There are 1,000 of these, I think. 100 on black with a cover variation and 900 on marbled pink.

Gorgonized Dorks on MySpace
Godstomper on MySpace

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