Sunday, March 2, 2008

Slumlords-Involuntary Skinhead 7" download

This is one of my records that turned up while I was cleaning out our spare room, and I'm really happy about it because it's out of print and, like most of the Slumlords singles, almost impossible to find.

Everything the Slumlords did was top notch. I seriously can't think of one bad song on anything they did. They put out a whole lot of singles that I wish I could get my hands on and two solid LPs before they broke up about a year ago. I love how they were able to move between really serious observations on hardcore and life in general and funny joke songs without any sort of hiccups. Their first demo has recently been pressed onto a 7", but I haven't heard it yet. The A side of this is record available on their second LP, On the Stremph!, same recording, same everything (so it will sound better than my rip from vinyl). The real gem here is the B side, which is a cover of the Scorpions' "Wind of Change". It's a horrible introduction to the band, so if you've never heard them, go get their LPs, which are both still readily available (and I don't seem them going out of print anytime soon) before you listen to this. If you're already into the band, this is a hilarious addition to the rest of their catalog. The cover is not tongue-in-cheek, but the Scorpions they are not, so it makes for a pretty strange rendition of the song.

It's probably also a good idea to include the lyrics for "Involuntary Skinhead" for those of you that don't know anything about these guys.

"Everyday I lost more hair
Down the drain to I don't know where
It's growing thin, you can see some skin
I guess I gotta' take it on the chin

Everyday-I lose more hair
Down the drain to I don't know where

Don't know how I got in this funkle
All the hot chicks are calling me their uncle
I can't really solve this enigma
I've got less hair than Vinnie Stigma

Bought some Rogaine with the last of my cash
Me scalp got red and broke out in a rash"

Involuntary Skinhead
Wind of Change

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jimmybuttons said...

ahh great post! i probably would have missed out on this band otherwise. seems like a nod in the direction of crucial youth, which is one tape in my collection that, for some reason or other, i'd worn thin. i think it was for the fact that they were sending up something that everyone was taking so seriously at the time, and that was quality entertainment to me.