Friday, May 16, 2008

L.S.D.-Discography LP (Schizophrenic)

I slept on this record for a looooong time. I honestly avoid a lot of Japanese releases because they're pretty trendy. This is a case where I have humble myself and just admit that I missed the fuck out.

L.S.D. were one of the early Japanese hardcore punk bands and this their entire recorded output, spanning 1984-1986 and culled from five separate sessions. The A side is really what you're after here, which includes all the original recordings of their songs. There is a recording that was originally released as a flexi in 1984 (flexis seemed to be really popular among Japanese groups), a 7" they recorded in '86 called Jast Last, a song from a comp. LP and one song from a demo later in their career. All the music is excellent, a good mix of mid-tempo punk and faster thrash style hardcore that is pretty fucking heavy all the way through. The coolest thing about the whole side of the record is that the different sessions don't offer a huge contrast. Releases like this tend to be a little hard to listen to because of the differences in quality or production, and this flows really well, I'm amazed there are no mastering credits and all these songs just happened to flow this well. Fans of any early Japanese hardcore (Gauze, Stalin, etc) will go nuts over this and will obviously love the price-tag, a mere 13 bucks, compared to the hundreds the originals would set you back.

The B side of the record is a live set from '84. The recording quality is really good and the set is top-notch. It's a great addition, especially considering the fact that only a couple of the songs are repeated and the rest of the set is made up of previously unreleased songs. Schizophrenic Records really set the standard with this one.

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