Sunday, May 4, 2008

Podcast 5/04/08

Well, I'm back. Work is still crazy and my shifts are being moved around, but I had some time and wanted to put this together. This episode is a little NYHC heavy (Token Entry, Stimulators, H2O), but it also hits Finland for some awesome progressive metal/hardcore, and pulls a couple other great selections from Europe with Mad Sin and the 4Skins. The obscurist points are here as well, with a great number from Agness Bernelle and a lost Freddie and the Freeloaders track recorded at the legendary Sun Studios back in '65. While I was not doing these, I forgot how boring this shit gets when I drink too much and ramble on forever about some bands. Sorry, it won't be so bad next time.

The Process-Svidande Kritik
Naked Raygun-Rat Patrol

Cut the Shit-No Integrity
Agnes Bernelle-Chansonette

Mad Sin-Wicked Witch
Stimulators-Loud Fast Rules!
Token Entry-The Bright Side
4Skins-Plastic Gangster

Freddie and the Freeloaders-The Octopus Song
Gorgonized Dorks-Cycle of Depravity
Tom Waits-Green Grass

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