Saturday, May 17, 2008

Podcast 5/17/08

Currently drinking: Moylan's IPA. A spectacular IPA for the price ($3.50 for a bomber). A great American style IPA, full of hop but pretty even, without the bitter taste IPAs are typically known for. Reccomended!

This episode is a little heavy on the Midwest (especially Chicago!) bands with a classic track by the Quincy Punx from Minneapolis, and new ones from Rager, the Sidewalk Cracks, and Sweet Cobra, all Chicago bands. The Midwest stand out here is from the State, who are legends in the Michigan scene due to their classic 7" from back in '84. The track on the show is BRAND NEW from a record that just came out and smokes their old material. I don't leave out classic American hardcore, though, as proven by the stellar Siege track from the Dropdead demo in 1984 from Boston, and there are even some international bands thrown for good measure. L.S.D. and Stanhansen are both Japanese (the L.S.D. track dates back to a rare 7" from '86!), Marching Orders are heading up the current Austrailian Oi! scene, Unkind are a heavy and melodic Finnish punk band, and Enola Gay were kings in the Danish scene back in the 80s. This is also the most straight-forward hardcore episode I've done to date. Pretty much everything on this is heavy, even the Demented Are Go track! Enjoy!


Quincy Punx-Tina
L.S.D.-Jast Last

Unkind-Arjen Juhlaa
Demented Are Go-Body Bag
Sidewalk Cracks-Lower Wacker

Marching Orders-Back on the Streets
Enola Gay-Destructive Hjerner
Sweet Cobra-Ruin
Stanhansen-Truth and Generalization

Rager-Save It For the Axe
Rentokiller-The Erotic Principle

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