Sunday, June 22, 2008

Podcast 6/22/08

The quality of the rips isn't great on some of these, but I'm pretty stoked on the mix. Progressive instrument surf rock (Man...Or Astroman?) into 80s Finnish hardcore from a 7" that some call the best hardcore 7" of all time (Terveet Kadet). There's also some oooold 80s punk from the likes of the Vidiots, Black Flag (rare demo!) and Crisis, with some newer stuff in the mix of different styles. Legion are heavy as fuck and Spunk, from Japan, have more of a garage feel. DCOi! are thrashy punk from SoCal. I also threw in some kick ass 90s hardcore (MK Ultra, Anodyne), and old rockabilly comedy track from Bob Peck, and a couple British Oi! numbers to balance it out.

Man...Or Astroman?-Interstellar Hardrive
Terveet Kadet-Ei Enää Koskaan Sotaa

Vidiots-Laurie's Lament
MK Ultra-Worker Vs. Parasite
The Spunks-Russian Roulette
Bob Peck-Sweet 16

Hail Mary-In Motion
Cock Sparrer-Watch Your Back

Anodyne-Crop Circle
DCOi!-Agony of Defeat

Black Flag-My War (demo)
Close Shave-Rather Be Down the Pub

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Anonymous said...

I've uploaded the Traquenard CD, they were a great oi! band from paris who liked to make fun of religions, stupid skinheads from left to right, and weren't the last to make fun of themselves.
I hope that the voice don't sound too strange for american ears, I think it fits well with the lyrics and their attitude.

if it works, and if you like it, I'll try to upload some other CDs


Ian EBH said...

Sweet! I have a Traquenard 7" called "We Are the Frime" and always wondered what else they had out. And yes, the vocals and saxaphone parts sound pretty strange to my American ears. I'm downloading the CD right now and wait to listen to it through!