Thursday, June 5, 2008

Public Serpents-The Feeding of the Fortune 5000 (Tent City)

This is the new band from some dude that was in Leftover Crack Choking Victim (this was a complete error on my part, this band has nothing to do with Leftover Crack and I don't know why I wrote that and then didn't catch when I proofread this. Sorry for any confusion). They're self-proclaimed "Crack Rock Steady", which is a label I've never really understood because to me it just sounds a lot like Rancid without the snappy bass lines. I could spend all day talking about the cheesy artwork on this record, predictable (and cheesy) lyrics, and the boring arrangements, but I've decided to take the high road and try to approach this record with an open mind.

There are some cool riffs on this record, like in the song "Dummy" that's got a poppy third-wave type sound with some funny background vocals and a chorus that reminds of the Freeze stuff from the 90s. If the whole album was as high-energy as that song, I could actually see myself sitting around listening to this. The song cuts out in just over a minute (the shortest song here, they need to follow that mode more), the record goes into a bland streetpunk beat and proceeds to alternate between that streetpunk sound and a "1/1" time ska beat for most of the record. To add to that, the song arrangements are typically way too long (majority of the songs clock in at over 2 and a half minutes, which is an eternity with as little variety as they have to offer). A lot of the vocal melodies fall tired quickly and are really too poppy for my tastes, to the point of being generic. For some reason, the band felt the need to balance out this record with some weird electronic music and bland rapping that sounds like the Insane Clown Posse circa 1991 (is it bad to be able to distinguish different eras of the Insane Clown Posse? I find it sort of embarrassing).

There are some cool moments on this record, but mostly just pieces of songs ("Effigies of Life" has potential to be really cool without all the stupid electronic shit). I could honestly see this record being released as an EP with some of the crap cut out and shorter versions of a lot of these songs, and turning out alright. But these dudes tried way too hard to put this out as a full length, and fell victim to their own ambition. Or drugs.

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devilchildnikki said...

Hmm perhaps it's not the sound of the music you should be listening to. Is it me or is it obvious that too much "Rancid" blinded you? =]

Dead Rock n Roller said...
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Dead Rock n Roller said...

I don't know what that's supposed to mean. I only listen to late 90s screamo from third world countries.

Kirk Edward Nilsen II: Tattoos and Flash Art said...
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poofy dog said...

sounds like rancid?you're a fucking idiot

Dead Rock n Roller said...

I like that people are still getting upset over this.