Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Most Intense Hardcore Records Ever

So, lately, my friend Tripp decided he wanted to make a list of the "most intense" hardcore records ever. Not the best, just the "most intense", which, while similar, seems to be totally different to me. So, I decided that since I'm so bored from never doing shit all day lately, I'd start my own. This is all off the top of my head and I don't have access to my record collection or anything. A lot of this is actually pulled from going over old blog entries here and remembering how insane a lot of the records I've mentioned so far are. I have included links where I could find them, but as always I suggest downloading them to hear them and then getting originals when you can. Dead links are not my problem. Feel free to post links if I missed them, or your own suggestions.

I really need to do something more productive!

His Hero Is Gone-Monuments to Thieves (from the first second this record pummels you, probably the most under-rated hardcore band ever)

Refused-Shape of Punk to Come (I get chills every time I listen to this album)

Circle Takes the Square-As the Roots Undo (this band should be HUGE)

HeWhoCorrupts-The Discographer (the first side more than anything, it's the musical equivalent to getting shot in the face several times in a row)

Koro-700 Club (it's over before you can even understand what's going on)

Godstomper-Saturday Morning Powerviolence (how I never managed to track down a legit copy of this record down is beyond me. I heard it fior the first time years ago and couldn't believe music like this existed)

Blood for Blood-Outlaw Anthems (this record makes me want to cry)

Misfits-Earth AD (This album is a total mindfuck, how did they go from "Last Caress" to this?)

Dead Kennedys-In God We Trust, Inc. (This is their best album, and one of the first hardcore records I ever heard, it's so low budget and fast and aggressive)

Minor Threat-Complete Discography (the single best collection of hardcore songs ever. Or songs, regardless of genre. I get offended when I see the VH1 top 100 greatest rock n roll whatevers and Minor Threat isn't even on it, better than Fugazi and Fugazi never would have existed without this anyway)

Folsom-Like a Viper (this record makes me want to go out and fight jocks)

Born Against-The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure (another cop-out since it's a collection. This isn't as good as Battle Hymns Of The Race War, but it's more "intense")

Anodyne-A Lifetime of Grey Skies (have you ever contemplated suicide? Listen to this, you will!)

Cut the Shit-Harmed and Dangerous (I used to go nuts listening to Bored to Death, but this record trumps it)


Token Entry-Jaybird (heavy but still fast, posi but doesn't make me laugh)

Positive Reinforcement-Summer Tour (this is so raw and unadultered it makes me feel like I have rabies)

Tragedy-Self Titled (not as moody as Vengence, but spacial enough to provide the ambiance for the heavy shit. "Confessions of a Suicide Advocate" is life shattering)

Deathreat-S/T (see description for the Positive Reinforcement 7")

Neon Christ-S/T (it's so fast and bizare and makes me want to bounce off the walls)

The Boils-Ripping Waters (I will never forget hearing this for the first time and thinking how totally off the wall it was for a streetpunk band to be playing in these weird keys and doing weird rhythm changes so much. This record is only four songs but is so much better than 90% of the other underground crap that came out this decade)

Hated Youth-Hardcore Rules (this record is from the 80s and they managed to squeeze 10 songs on one 7", that's pretty intense)

Reagan SS-Universal and Triumphant (their singles are great, this is about 10,000 times better)

Slumlords-S/T (duh)

Terveet K├Ądet-II (Finland has always done it better)

Lama-S/T (another Finnish classic)

Authorities-Soundtrack for Trouble (this band only lasted for one record, they could have been bigger than the Descendents had they kept going)

Zero Boys-Vicious Circle (one part power-pop in two parts 80s hardcore. If the Germs had stopped doing drugs and learned what melody was, this is what they would have sounded like)

Naked Raygun-Throb Throb (everything about this record is perfect from the fast parts to the heavy parts to the straight fucking grooves)

Replacements-Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash (Like Kiss with balls and not the disco beats)

V/A-Decline of Western Civilization Soundtrack (live cuts of FEAR, X, and Reyes era Black Flag all on one record with funny banter from a French guy in the middle, it's essential)

Ramallah-But a Whimper (I know, this is totally lame. I can't help it. This is apparantly before all the drugs drove Rob insane, it's heavy as fuck)

Green Beret-That one record they did that Loren lost on a plane in Osaka because he is a motherfucker and I forgot the name to (you never know what weird sound is going to happen next. It's weird noise/grind/surf/spazz-the-fuck-out rock. They once described this as "run-all-over-your-goddamn-pets-core" and it fits)

V/A-Southeast Hardcore Fuck Yeah! (all powerviolence bands from the Southeast. It's pretty insane and I honestly think parts of each side were cut at different speeds to confuse the fuck out of you)

Graf Orlock/Greyskull split (mostly for the Graf Orlock side because it is one of the most insane recordings I've heard in years and brings sampling to a whole new level)

An Albatross-Freedom Summer Live (I wish I was at this show)

Black Flag-1983 Demos (I still say it's the best thing they ever did. Their later metal stuff but more stripped down)

Bucket Full of Teeth-IV (noise/more noise. How a band had the audacity to put this on wax and then try to sell it to people is completely lost on me, but I got suckered in)

Los Crudos/Spitboy-Split (only the Los Crudos side, the Spitboy side is a bore. Los Crudos were amazing. I wish I was Mexican so I knew what the hell they were saying in all their songs)

V/A-Six Weeks Omnibus Volume 2 (my favorite Japanese hardcore comp)

V/A-Tomorrow Will Be Worse (simply the best hardcore comp. of all time. Charles Bronson, Real Reggae, Fuck on the Beach, Capatalist Casualties, etcetcetc. It never lets up)

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