Monday, November 17, 2008

Cheat and lie, cheat and lie

The show in Alabaster ended up being a complete bust. After dealing with an embarrassingly low level of professionalism from the club "manager" (long story), we ended up shrugging our shoulders and driving back to Birmingham. We ended up playing a house show to about 20 people, which was a great show and a fun time. Rusted, a new band from Birmingham made up of younger kids, played the house show,(their first), and were awesome. They were vocals, bass, and drums, and played bottom heavy sludge that made you wanna' groove out.

Vivian Girls-Self Titled

This album is getting a lot of press, but I don't imagine a lot of punk kids will check it out because they're the kind of band that hipsters get into and Pitchfork raves about. Regardless, this album is an easy listen but isn't a bore. They have a myriad of influences that mesh well together so it doesn't sound disjointed in the least. They take some obvious cues from the shoegazer style but have melodies that remind me of old Detroit girl groups, but play it all in a style reminiscent of the old Olympia style (Beat Happening, anyone?). I'm a couple of months late jumping on this, but I wanted some time for the hype to cool off before I admitted I liked it.

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