Thursday, November 6, 2008

Far From Home

Anarchists believe that you should always be willing to strip yourself of your personal identity in the name of the movement. The belief behind this is that the cause is much greater than the individual, and ego will get in the way of forward movement. It makes sense considering anarchists don't believe in borders or nations, but there are inherent flaws within the mindset.

Corporations believe the same thing. The individual employee is, in effect, useless and expendable. The weight falls on us to keep pushing the great brand name forward, but in the end we will fall and the weight will be redistributed. We live with this all day every day, and they tell us that our fear of falling down is irrational, but if we don't have our fear, what have we got? It's the only thing keeping us human. This tie is a noose wrapped too tight around my neck.

My new sub-department is being dissolved next month when this special assignment is over. I don't know where I'll be reassigned. The terms of my contract allow them to do basically whatever they want with me (again, another post), so there's no telling. I could be out of a job completely or moved to yet another department. Yesterday I was told over the phone by a high-money investor that we handle investments for that I "was moving up in the company, [he] could tell." This made me weary because I had to transfer him to a supervisor and I was afraid he would tell them he thought I was helpful and an asset to the company. My new supervisor had already praised me earlier that morning in front of others. If they dissolve this department and give me a promotion I'm going to go crazy.

The Saints-I'm Stranded

I was going to go with something darker, but that will be for a later post (and it's going to RULE). These dudes were from Australia in the late 70s and churned out some great poppy punk rock that sounded very, very UK.

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