Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going Dead

I'm pretty tired/hungover from the Municipal Waste show last night, but it's worth it because they put on a pretty intense live show. I mostly stayed out of the action but managed to get sucked into the pit a couple of times. I spilled more beer than I drank during their set, and this morning I woke up and went to work still drunk from the night before. Punk rock, right? Download below for those of you who for some reason don't know what I'm talking about.

I was at a friend's house before the show last night and she pulled out an old Chess Records single from '61 by a singer named Betty James. I'd never heard it before but it was spectacular and I can't find any info on her online. I just did a quick eBay search for it and found a copy that's at 30 bucks with another day left to go. It's so weird running into these ultra obscure 45s from the 60s that are so great and yet so unknown. I mentioned the Thee Avantees to her, because they're my prime example of the case for obscure music. They recorded a single called "I Want to Understand" sometime in the late 60s that wound up on the first volume of Quagmire and the liner notes of the CD say there's no info. on them. That's depressing because these guys managed to go into the studio and lay out one of my top 5 favorite rock n roll songs of all time and I don't know if they recorded more stuff or went on to be in other bands that I would like or what. I've been trying to track down a copy of the original record for years now, if only just to hear the B side, but I've asked about it in record stores all over the country and nobody's ever even heard of it. Music hoarding is making me weary.

Municipal Waste-The Art of Partying

I downloaded this from another blog, but I don't remember which one. I have the 12" picture disc version, which looks bad ass.

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