Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm not alive

If you actually read the shit I post instead of just skipping down to the music, you already know that the department I'm in at work is set to be dissolved in mid-December. I just got word that it will, in fact, be done tomorrow. There are three of us that all share a cubicle here; two of us are being let go, and one is being transferred to another assignment in a different department. That person will get to keep their same rate of pay and get their own cubicle (so they don't have to deal with the shit described in the next paragraph). That person is me. Somehow my superiors are under the impression that I'm a good employee.

This could not have happened sooner. The girl who I share a cubicle with that sits on my right -- the one I get along with -- and I are starting to really hate the other girl who shares this over sized bathroom stall with us. We've never spoken about it, but there have been enough instances of eye contact while this girl is pissing me the fuck off for me to know we both feel the same way about it. She's currently watching a reality TV show on her computer about an old woman that is selling crack with her much younger boyfriend to "provide for her family", but her daughter is Karen Clark Sheard, who has won a bunch of Grammys and I assume makes enough money to pay her mom at least enough to not sell drugs on the street. It's got a lot of really loud yelling and swearing and really terrible music and this girl insists on listening to it at a volume that makes it impossible for me to concentrate on anything else. I've been typing this paragraph for 15 minutes and it doesn't even make sense to me because all I can process is this family's conversation over dinner about how they all need to live in the glory of God. I just asked her the name of the show so I could post a link, but she took it as me being somewhat interested in the content and I missed what she said the actual name was, but I do know that it comes via They talk a lot about prayer and being good Christians on this show. What the fuck?

Vitamin X-Full Scale Assault

This is the newest Vitamin X LP, produced by Steve Albini. This is definitely the best they've ever sounded. The drums and guitars sound sweee-eeeet. Two songs feature guest vocals by John Brannon of Negative Approach and I don't really feel it. His voice sounds weird on these recordings and Vitamin X don't need gimmicks like famous guest singers to win me over. But I guess they enjoyed doing it. They should have just let me record his parts, I would have sounded way better(pretentious much?). Tankcrimes put this out, who are a really cool DIY label from the Bay Area and Scotty is a wicked nice dude, so help him out and buy the record, you cheap asshole.

The download was originally upped on Short, Fast, Loud

P.S. Eliot-Bike Wreck

And on a continuation of todays hotlinking theme, I provide you with the Ackley's...I mean, P.S. Eliot's Bike Wreck Demo, via I Could Die Tomorrow (who bring it via Puzzle Pieces). I guess this might be the demo the band gives out for free at shows, but I never picked one up because it was in the same fabric cover as the King Everything demo that came out last year so I just assumed it was that. I've probably already said enough in this paragaph to where if the members of P.S. Eliot found this post they'd be super pissed off and I'd have to deal with the Crutchfields giving me dirty looks for the next 15 years, but I will continue.

This demo is so lo-fi and crappy and awesome. The total lack of any sort of production makes the music sound so much better. There's something about girly pop punk that sounds like it was recorded in a tin can that gets me off. The songs are awesome. The writing is awesome. P.S. Eliot doesn't sound like this anymore and I honestly think I like this incarnation better.

Oh shit, is that promo pic for the wrong band? Shit...maybe they should do a reunion so I could write about them instead.

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Nazz Nomad said...

we had our "reduction in workforce" this week.
40 people in our company. big fun. i get to terminate someone this monday when they come back from holiday. happy thanksgiving indeed.