Friday, November 14, 2008

In the end, she drank petrol

My band, Korova, is playing at some warehouse in Alabaster, about a half an hour South of Birmingham, tonight. I hate to admit it, but shows like this seem to function as "practice shows" for bigger places. Hell, the place might be packed for all I know. I don't know what the hell there is for kids to do in Alabaster, so maybe they just go to this place every weekend night.

I'm sort of weirded out by the current state of the underground music scene. It's so fickle and sectioned off. We've all installed glass ceilings above our bands and say it's in the name of DIY or "staying within the scene", but I don't really see how being DIY means "be poor at all costs". To me, being punk and being DIY simply means maintaining your autonomy. Sure, there are a lot of political things the go right along with the punk mindset, and I believe in the communal aspect of hardcore music, but using that as the reason to never try to have an audience outside of your close friends isn't exactly progressive thinking. We're all playing the same clubs to the same kids all the time, and preaching to the choir. We're getting nothing done. I don't know. Tomorrow I'll probably bitch about outsiders making it big and saying they still believe in the struggle. I'm such a jaded old man.

The Loose Skrews-More Than a Few

I mentioned them in a post the other day. Drunk punk from Atlanta with an obvious nod to early Skrewdriver (hence the name), and a heavy dose of Anti Seen style punk rock thrown in to spice it up. They've got a new record coming out. This is their first album that they self released, and they have a second full length that came out on that punk label that the guy from Hairball 8 tried to start, but I guess he fucked over his bands or something. I don't know anything about that. Fuck psychobilly. I opened the liner notes for this CD up while it was uploading and, what do ya' know, I'm on the "thank you" list. I wonder how many thank you lists I'm on that I don't even know about. God, I'm such an egotistical prick...

There's some other band called the Loose Skrews and I just found their web site. They do weddings and whatnot, and have really pompous bios of each member like they're going to be on VH1 one day and this shit will be totally necessary. They describe their individual members with unintentionally funny exaggerations like "Doug Nations - without a doubt - one of the best bass players in the southeast area" and "Rhonda Porter - Our Angel voiced sweetheart", and I guess most everybody in the band used to be in another band called The Buttercats, which I hope is a name that is completely indicative of their style. The funniest thing is that they're also based out of Georgia. I wonder how many embarrassing booking mix-ups there have been over this. I also wonder if the other band knows that their name is an obvious reference to a legendaryn band that regretably went on to be white supremacists in the 80s. I'll bet they do. They look like they get down to White Rider

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