Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Punk Rock in the Wrong Hands

I usually take a bottle of water to work with me to drink at my desk and fill it up throughout the day. The past couple of days, which have been mind numbingly boring, I have been drinking 9 or 10 bottles of water a day without realizing it (I think I just go through the motions as a way to pull my mind away from my work -- which is tedious as hell -- for two seconds). The positive result of this is that I have to go to the bathroom like twice an hour, which is a good excuse to get up from my desk for two minutes. The negative result of this is that I have to go to the bathroom like twice an hour, and the people around me all think I have over-active bladder issues. Oh yeah, the girl who sits next to me is smoking hot. Just sayin'.

I wish I lived in an era populated by fashionable women who could sing, like PP Arnold

My boss just left for the day and informed me that tomorrow, being the last day of work for the week, counts as casual Friday. So "blue jeans" (not just any jeans..."blue jeans") are in dress code. Everyone is excited. I don't get it.

pg. 99-Document 8

This band was awesome. This album is awesome. The label that put it out rules. You need to go buy it ASAP. It got re-pressed on vinyl earlier this year. But seriously, you need to listen to it...and you need to buy it so you can read the lyrics. And Robotic Empire deserve your money, they're good peoples.

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