Thursday, November 6, 2008

Southern Discomfort

I realized something yesterday while I was sitting in my swirly chair -- zoning out, fantasizing about being anywhere else -- and that is that there are a lot more good looking women up in this part of the office. Maybe it's the air. When you're several stories up, where the winds really start picking up outside, it's stirring up something in their genetic make up. Or maybe they just got promoted because their boss has a dirty mind. I'm going with the former, it's more to think on. They don't like me because I have a scruffy face and visible tattoos. I have, once again, turned into to "that weird guy" around the office through no fault of my own.

The current flood of news reports about reactions to Obama's election has a lot of mixed feelings coming up. Some are extremely disappointing, such as this tidbit on the "celebrations" of black teenagers in Chicago. Their violent and racist reactions are exactly the sort of things that lend credit to the backward thinking whites that are upset that a black man was elected president. This is all proof (coupled with the loss on Prop 8) that, while we are making giant leaps forward as a nation, our culture is still fucked.

One of the best things I read about election reactions was
an interesting piece in the LA Times
that covered attitudes of non-US citizens around the world. Most Americans don't know or care when leaders are elected in other countries, but sometimes we forget how much of an impact America has on a global scale and we don't think about what our foreign policy does when put into practice over seas. The article, which quotes world leaders, professionals, and your average joe in the third world, is proof that the world is a much smaller place than we'd like to admit, and if we all started thinking about it like that, we'd probably have an easier time getting all this figured out.

Eyehategod Complete Discography

Everything this NOLA sludge band has ever released, via the great Angrychair blog. I can't speak on sludge with very much authority, but I know one thing, this band rules.

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