Friday, January 2, 2009

Future Myth

2008 is over. Everyone has been posting their "best of" lists for the year, and I don't see the point in even trying. There are so many records I haven't even heard yet and I can't imagine trying to order the records I have heard just so someone will think I'm cool. I'm sure there were a lot of records that went completely unnoticed that are way better than most of the stuff topping the lists this year. Maybe I'm jaded, but I can't get into a band like Torche, whose Meanderthal LP is a huge deal to everybody else. I will admit that there were aspects of the record that I like, but putting it on such a pedestal is kind of ridiculous, which the same way I feel about The Chemistry of Common Life. I appreciate the album (and the aesthetics of the band), but to say it's that much better than anything else this year is kind of short sighted.

On a personal level, 2008 was total bullshit for me. On the upside, I haven't had a cigarette in over a week, so maybe this time I can finally quit smoking for good. I doubt it, though. The problem is that everyone I know smokes, and the people I know who didn't used to smoke have spent so much time around me that they invariably start smoking. And the cycle continues.

Happy New Year, assholes:
Infest-No Man's Slave
Akron/Family & Angels of Light-Akron/Family & Angels of Light
Charles Mingus-Mingus Ah Um
David Sedaris-Live at Carnegie Hall

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