Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm so sick of watching the same scene again

The weather is fucking killing my sinuses. I'm sure all the time I spend in bars doesn't help. It's funny that I decided to start writing here again and never have anything to write about.

Taylor Bow-Thin Air 12"

TAYLOR BOW separates themselves from other noise bands by adhering to a strict punk make-up, abandoning the gimmicks a lot of bands in the genre use to distinguish themselves. The "noise" part of this record is just that, "noise" that is merely a by-product of the natural occurrence of sound. The basic instrumentation seems to limit the band, but in their minimalist aesthetic they find themselves. When relying on droning, repeated riffs, they remind me of their shoe gaze inspired peers the HOMOPOLICE or even FUCKED UP, but the focus here is totally different. The album lures the listener into a false sense of security before dropping into split seconds of thrash that appear on songs like "Woke on Midnight". "Massive City Rolling" has an almost black-metal feel, while the band seems to hit their stride during songs like "Pure Now", which falls into a hardcore sound that resembles DICKS-esque structuring, but all the pieces of familiarity eventually (of not immediately) crumble back into the driving, drony sound the band has cultivated. The intentionally lo-fi production creates an abrasive atmosphere most bands only mention in interviews without ever cultivating on record. Tones of the MELVINS or even the VELVET UNDERGROUND are apparent, though all seem like they make-up mere kilobytes of this band‘s sound. It's like late-era BLACK FLAG going back ten years to record with an early incarnation of THE GERMS and being conducted by John Cale.

Woke at Midnight
White Was the Window

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