Monday, February 1, 2010

Clench your bible as they aim their guns

Went out to go see Exene Cervenka and the Dex Romweber Duo last night. I was actually disappointed in both. However, I was really into Izzy Cox, who got thrown on the bill at the last minute. She did a set with just a guitar and a kick drum and had a real vintage hillbilly-esque singing voice. I picked up an album (one of 14 she has released) but haven't had a chance to throw it on yet.

When we got home, my girlfriend and I were pretty drunk. She stepped on a record that had fallen off the shelf and cracked it in half. I thought it was a copy of the Blue Ridge Rangers's "Jambalaya" single (the b side is a pretty boring version of some old gospel song, but their version of the Hank Williams song is actually not awful (though not nearly as good as Ralph Jackson's version)), but she picked it up and goes "Oh, it's just Cat Stevens," which is what I'm going to be saying now in place of something else really dumb and cliched like "Don't sweat the small stuff!" Anyway.

Hail Mary-Not Live 7"

Pretty awesome Albany, NY hardcore from the early 2000s. This came out on Hopscotch Records (who I guess are now called Sound Virus?) in 2002. The cover art is by Sam McPheeters of Born Against/Men's Recovery Project/Wrangler Brutes, who also did the art for a 12" these guys put out that's also really good. They put out two or three more 7"s that I don't have.

Um. That's it.

Download Hail Mary-Not Live 7"

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