Monday, April 26, 2010

The culture we rejected...

I haven't updated in some time due to a lot of person stuff going on. I have some records to rip that I'll be posting soon.

In Korova news, we are currently writing songs for a new demo that will be released in June. It will a limited edition of 50 copies (we're broke and nobody's going to buy this thing, anyway) that will consist of all new material save for a couple of re-recordings of songs that have changed with the new line-up. I will update this blog, as well as our MySpace page with more information as it becomes available. I will also be sending out e-mail updates since they're the big thing to do now. Please e-mail i_hate_you_too[at]hotmail[dot]com to be added to "the list", so to speak.

Our previous efforts, including a 7" released in 2007, is almost gone from everywhere. Relapse still have a couple of copies, as well as Interpunk. I thought we ran out a long time ago, but I found two boxes that were lost in a move and we now have 50 copies available without covers or liner-notes. I've screen printed covers for them and they're being sold at shows. I think there are like three of the Siege rip-off shirts left. Our 13 song CD, Another Happy Customer is available from Robotic Empire, Interpunk, and Relapse Records, but is almost gone. If you buy it from those distros (which I encourage), you aren't really helping us out much, but you are helping places that help and cater to DIY punk and hardcore. You can also download it for free from the following places:

To Live a Lie Records's Netlabel
Fugitive Equilibrium
Toxicbreed's Funhouse
New Fits
Am I Mean?

We will be playing the following shows this summer (more to be added, please e-mail i_hate_you_too[at]hotmail[dot]com for booking):

May 26th
with Fuck the Facts and the Organ Trail at the Spring Street Firehouse in Birmingham, Alabama

June 26th
with Hub City Stompers in Nashville, Tennessee

June 26th
in Atlanta, Georgia (tentative, details to be announced)

July 17th
New Orleans, Louisiana (tentative, details to be announced)

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