Thursday, August 18, 2011

Like Weeds

Impossible Standards will be releasing a split 7" with Japanese Women. Around the same time we will be releasing a demo tape for Dominant Species. Details in the coming weeks.

Maximum Rock n Roll review of the Black Hole Kids Dull Conjecture 7":

"I wish the local bands would have been half as good as Black Hole Kids when I was in Birmingham in the early 90s. BHK play fast as shit hardcore mixed with some post punkish harmonic chord breakdowns that do not sound trite or tired as that statement may lead you to believe. The vocals are blown out and pissed and they sorta remind me oddly of early FYP minus the bratty quality. It's good to know that people are keeping it real and holding shit down in AL. Thumbs up! Was that cover picture taken in the Alabama Theater? Sure looks like it. - Greg Harvester"

That record is available here.

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