Thursday, August 18, 2011

Like Weeds

Impossible Standards will be releasing a split 7" with Japanese Women. Around the same time we will be releasing a demo tape for Dominant Species. Details in the coming weeks.

Maximum Rock n Roll review of the Black Hole Kids Dull Conjecture 7":

"I wish the local bands would have been half as good as Black Hole Kids when I was in Birmingham in the early 90s. BHK play fast as shit hardcore mixed with some post punkish harmonic chord breakdowns that do not sound trite or tired as that statement may lead you to believe. The vocals are blown out and pissed and they sorta remind me oddly of early FYP minus the bratty quality. It's good to know that people are keeping it real and holding shit down in AL. Thumbs up! Was that cover picture taken in the Alabama Theater? Sure looks like it. - Greg Harvester"

That record is available here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Just Don't Feel the Same Anymore

The I Don't Want to Be Ashamed Anymore cassette compilation is being duplicated currently and will be released on June 18th. The cassette compiles bands featuring Tripp Norris, a regular of the Birmingham hardcore punk and noise scene since the early 2000s, who we lost in late February. His presence is sorely missed by those of us that were close to him. The cassette will be a limited pressing of 100 copies on red tapes, housed in hand folded cardstock covers, and is being released in conjunction with the zine Sing Me Back Home, which is a large sampling of Tripp's writing. Money from the project is being used to raise funds for Scrollworks, a local non profit that provides free music education to underprivigeled children in Birmingham.

Purchase the cassette here.

The Impossible Standards demo tape will be done soon. Since we are unable to play shows, it will probably be a very small pressing. E-mail or to be added to the mailing list to be made aware of this and other releases.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Music

Impossible Standards - Demo I

Friday, December 17, 2010

Nothing's ever worth the cost.

We still have about 30 of the cassettes left. Thank you to those that ordered.

We are writing for a split 10" with Dirty Protest on Onec Records. It will be a very limited release, and more details will be available as they come up. Other planned releases are a split 7" with Nightmare Waterfall, and a 5" lathe cut single. As of now, both will probably be split releases, but interested parties can get in touch.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Arts-Vault of Heaven Review

My review of this was cut out of this months Razorcake (but several others are in the magazine written by me, check it out), so here is the long version.

Arts are one of the best kept secrets in a genre that prides itself in it’s ability to remain clandestine. From the opening song on their debut LP, “Sword Blood Dripping on the Death Shadow”, the record is a disturbing battery of noise. The blazing riffs lend themselves more to 90s hardcore than they do black metal, and the production aesthetic, while rough, is much cleaner than most BM releases.

The speed and agility of the band to play off each other through the changes in tempo is engrossing, but the recording has a sense of urgency and drama derived from the loose structure of the songs. When the band hits the midterm dirge of “Astral Pathways Channeled Over a Purified Lake”, the recording feels like it’s going to fall apart at any moment, and it does fall hard into a remission before a quick 4 count on dead strings and bombarding the listener with “Funeral Shrill of Adonej”, which features a raunchy, deadly VENOM inspired chorus riff.

The violin that opens the B side is legitimately creepy, as is the noise outro of “The Magus”. The noise and feedback give the sound a dated feel, but lend credibility to mood. The vocals are a constant shriek of indiscernible syllables and the liner notes come across as heavy handed, but this is isn’t campy like Price’s “House on Haunted Hill”. It’s more wryly aware and still subtly violent like “I Bury the Living”.

The artwork comes printed on a four corner fold-over sleeve that covers the LP, inside a printed inner jacket. The record is out of print through Youth Attack, but available from Dr. Strange, Interpunk, Reckless, and many other on line distros.

Buy it on Interpunk


Thursday, September 30, 2010

A brain full of noise

The new Korova cassette is available for sale now. They are currently being printed and should ship around October 15-20. An immediate download is available with the purchase of the cassette, or you can purchase the album in MP3 format for whatever you feel like paying.

Please share/repost.

<a href="">Demonstration #7089 by Korova</a>

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Composure and Poise

After a dozen delays, the new Korova cassette is finally finished. The master has been sent to the factory to be duplicated and the artwork is in (the artwork was drawn by Geoff of Karoshi). It is a pro-printed cassette tape limited to 200 copies (100 from us available in the US and 100 available in Europe with different cover art from Bruised Knuckles Records). Four new songs of noise and power in the (lack of) tradition inspired by late 80s and 90s hardcore punk. The thick, raw sound is augmented by layered samples and circuit bent analog instruments, and the music was recorded on a cassette four track in our warehouse practice space during times of extreme heat and intermittent rain storms. Lyrics deal with Southern Religion and underhanded "punk" business practices. The B side is ten minutes of live audio recorded at Magic City Wholesale during a show with Rational Animals and Vile Intent, which contains several old songs and an Infest cover.

The tape will available from us from our Bandcamp page, and will include a digital download of all the songs. You can opt just to purchase the songs in a digital format for however much you feel like paying. Money made from this will go towards recording.

A stream of the new audio will be available soon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Morbid Taxidermy

The latest in my posts of brain pummeling grind, this time spread out across the the entire US. Sunnyvale, California's Godstomper are a bass/drum duo that are one of the few truly great bands that will upset your friends within 10 seconds of dropping the needle, but their side of this isn't why I'm posting it. I'm a fan, but in the next few days I'll post another record that will really explain why. I am posting this because of the Green Beret side. One of the most under-rated and creative bands from the late 90s grind/powerviolence scene, this Tuscaloosa, Alabama outfit were always going at 110% regardless of what speed they were playing. A collection of their singles was released in Europe of a couple of years ago, and there's also a full length CD floating around somewhere. Get on it, it will make your head hurt.

Download the Green Beret/Godstomper split 7"

The culture we rejected...

I haven't updated in some time due to a lot of person stuff going on. I have some records to rip that I'll be posting soon.

In Korova news, we are currently writing songs for a new demo that will be released in June. It will a limited edition of 50 copies (we're broke and nobody's going to buy this thing, anyway) that will consist of all new material save for a couple of re-recordings of songs that have changed with the new line-up. I will update this blog, as well as our MySpace page with more information as it becomes available. I will also be sending out e-mail updates since they're the big thing to do now. Please e-mail i_hate_you_too[at]hotmail[dot]com to be added to "the list", so to speak.

Our previous efforts, including a 7" released in 2007, is almost gone from everywhere. Relapse still have a couple of copies, as well as Interpunk. I thought we ran out a long time ago, but I found two boxes that were lost in a move and we now have 50 copies available without covers or liner-notes. I've screen printed covers for them and they're being sold at shows. I think there are like three of the Siege rip-off shirts left. Our 13 song CD, Another Happy Customer is available from Robotic Empire, Interpunk, and Relapse Records, but is almost gone. If you buy it from those distros (which I encourage), you aren't really helping us out much, but you are helping places that help and cater to DIY punk and hardcore. You can also download it for free from the following places:

To Live a Lie Records's Netlabel
Fugitive Equilibrium
Toxicbreed's Funhouse
New Fits
Am I Mean?

We will be playing the following shows this summer (more to be added, please e-mail i_hate_you_too[at]hotmail[dot]com for booking):

May 26th
with Fuck the Facts and the Organ Trail at the Spring Street Firehouse in Birmingham, Alabama

June 26th
with Hub City Stompers in Nashville, Tennessee

June 26th
in Atlanta, Georgia (tentative, details to be announced)

July 17th
New Orleans, Louisiana (tentative, details to be announced)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Death to False Grind

I fixed my record player myself, no thanks to those total assholes at Numark. I bought the thing April of last year and when I e-mailed technical support they informed me it was "out of warranty" (after less than A YEAR), but were really helpful in recommending two repair shops I could take it to. One was in New Jersey and the other one was in Southern California. I'm in Birmingham, Alabama. Thanks, guys.

Insect Warfare-At War With Grindcore

I basically started this blog because people I know that aren't really friends of mine are asking me to borrow records and I don't want to let them because I know they'll scratch them or lose them or something. Also, because I want you to send me your records for free, but that's a different story.

Anyway, people are always asking about Insect Warfare because I guess they're "the" grind band of the last few years. They're good but their early records aren't really amazing. I like it enough, I just question the hype. Whatever. The record is good and it's out of print. 625 Thrashcore put this out and there are probably 1,000 of them.

Download Insect Warfare-At War With Grindcore

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