Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm so sick of watching the same scene again

The weather is fucking killing my sinuses. I'm sure all the time I spend in bars doesn't help. It's funny that I decided to start writing here again and never have anything to write about.

Taylor Bow-Thin Air 12"

TAYLOR BOW separates themselves from other noise bands by adhering to a strict punk make-up, abandoning the gimmicks a lot of bands in the genre use to distinguish themselves. The "noise" part of this record is just that, "noise" that is merely a by-product of the natural occurrence of sound. The basic instrumentation seems to limit the band, but in their minimalist aesthetic they find themselves. When relying on droning, repeated riffs, they remind me of their shoe gaze inspired peers the HOMOPOLICE or even FUCKED UP, but the focus here is totally different. The album lures the listener into a false sense of security before dropping into split seconds of thrash that appear on songs like "Woke on Midnight". "Massive City Rolling" has an almost black-metal feel, while the band seems to hit their stride during songs like "Pure Now", which falls into a hardcore sound that resembles DICKS-esque structuring, but all the pieces of familiarity eventually (of not immediately) crumble back into the driving, drony sound the band has cultivated. The intentionally lo-fi production creates an abrasive atmosphere most bands only mention in interviews without ever cultivating on record. Tones of the MELVINS or even the VELVET UNDERGROUND are apparent, though all seem like they make-up mere kilobytes of this band‘s sound. It's like late-era BLACK FLAG going back ten years to record with an early incarnation of THE GERMS and being conducted by John Cale.

Woke at Midnight
White Was the Window

Order the 12"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Die Section

Apartment 213-Vacancy 7"

Powerviolence from when it was powerful and violent. Everything about this record completely reeks of grit and anguish. There are songs about killing people with power tools. There's a song about John Wayne Gacy. There's a song about the Jonestown cult. Everything just reeks of complete rage and anger. I fucking love it. The liner notes for "Mutilation" reference "(gang vocals)" as part of the lyrics, followed by "(stomping out souls)". Fucking classic.

This came out of the Cleveland area on Dark Empire in 1994-ish (same time/label as the early Integrity stuff) and I think this band is still around. One of the best things about this release (other than the fact that the music makes you want to blow your brains out and they have one of the best samples I've ever heard on a powerviolence record) is the insert advertising Dark Empire releases that says they'll trade rare records and merch for Star Wars toys.

Download Apartment 213-Vacancy 7"

When the Going Gets Weird...

Aerosols-Self Titled LP + 7"

After three amazing singles, Massachusetts's AEROSOLS unleash their debut full-length; a complete assault on the listener and the world on a whole. Lyrically, the band constantly references pain and mental instability, turning depression into a political stance against the system for psychiatric treatment in songs like "Settle for Hell" and "The Weird Turn Pro", which slams Hunter S. Thompson for his suicide. Musically they completely tear apart the listener, though they don't fall into the trap of relying on mere speed to berate their audience. Slower, BLACK FLAG inspired songs like "God Is USA's Terrorist" use dissonant guitar riffs that creep out of the mix reminescent of HIS HERO IS GONE, while in other parts the band sounds more like the under-appreciated ANODYNE. Comparisons to NEGATIVE APPROACH or even NO COMMENT are good, but are too obvious and sell the band short. The tracks run together with a hurried, anxious tone and that never lets up. If CEREMONY were the band that introduced the youngest generation of hardcore to bleak, power violence infused punk, then this band should be the one to blow those kids out of the water.

God is USA's Terrorist
Credible Threat

Before anyone starts whining I'm going go ahead and say "No, I will not post this whole album up for download." I know this record is currently a big deal because it sold out so quickly and I Could Die Tomorrow removed their link over a misunderstanding. The re-presses of this album will be for sale soon.

Keep watching Youth Attack to order the LP when it gets re-pressed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Want it to End

The Rites-Your Last Rites 7"

I saw these guys a few years ago on tour with Cut the Shit. I guess it was around 2003, but honestly my memory is a little hazy. I think this was their first 7". Everything after this was pretty good, but this will always be the Rites record as far as I'm concerned. This thing is fucking perfect and straddles the line between Black Flag and No Comment really well. It's pretty much a complete tortured mess and great to listen to when it feels like the whole world is against you.

Download The Rites-Your Last Rites EP

"Why can't things ever go as planned?
Why does everything make me feel worse?
I've fucking had enough of this
I want it to end"

Infest Discography

If you don't pay attention to the great Blogged and Quartered blog, you're missing out. This guy was around back when and apparantly was an archivist even in the 80s. He posts exhaustive discographies of bands including out-of-print demos and even live radio shows they did.

Last week he posted a 2xCD he put together compliling the entire INFEST catalog. Everything they did except one demo version of one song because his tape was too fucked up to get a good copy. This thing is an absolute monstrosity and a much needed document of one of the best hardcore bands of all time.

Go get it

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All the World is a Novelty

Nazi Dust-Self Titled 7" (Youth Attack)

NAZI DUST came out of Florida a few months ago with a brilliant demo and two tracks on the comp The World Itself is a Bad Dream. Their first 7" (and subsequent tour with FAILURES and AEROSOLS) pushed the band into the territory of national recognition. They take obvious regional influence from past Florida greats like HATED YOUTH and BELCHING PENGUIN, but have a heavier East Coast edge akin to SIEGE. Most of the music is straight forward, 80s inspired hardcore, but it runs the gamut enough to keep things interesting. "Fervor" closes out the A side, featuring a sped-up but still catchy main riff with a gnarly all-noise guitar solo, while "Bad Blood" on next side slows down the chorus to an almost NYHC style chug riff over the only gang vocals on the record. The record is actually chock-full of catchy riffs, some of which come out shredding behind the blur of power chords and breakneck pace of the record. As the first document most people will hear of this band, it works on every level.

Nazi Dust-"Exhaustion"

Order the 7"

Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, it's been over a year since I posted anything on here. Talking about what I've been doing since is pointless. Why? Because I haven't done anything. I'm back in school for the first time in close to five years. I'm cooking at a restaurant/bar/live music venue in Birmingham. I've gotten some things published. Things are OK.

Anyway, so now I've got this record player with a USB port and it's way easier for me to rip records. And I've got an MP3 player to play these things on. I know, I've turned into one of those assholes. I don't want to talk about it. Here's something for your listening pleasure.
V/A-Internationally Pist

This came out in 2003 on Punks Before Profits, which was the label that the bass player from I Object! runs. At one point I used to own everything the label put out, but I've trimmed my records down a lot.

The two I Object! tracks are classic. Their first 7", these songs, and their side of the Forever Youth split 7" are essential 00's hardcore fodder. A lot of the bands on this comp. sound pretty retro considering how much the mid-00s thrash scene prided itself on being "progressive". Honestly, for as much as I was involved with all this stuff 6-7 years ago (and how much I still believe in DIY and love hardcore music), a lot of it seems kind of silly to me now. The Pests tracks are both catchy and fun. The Headless Horsemen from Austrailia are probably the most unique band on the record with their insanely high pitched vocals and use of the cow-bell. I actually really like their songs. These are some of the only Deadfall songs I like at all, and even at that they're not that exciting. Their tracks on Six Weeks's Disturbing the Peace comp. are the best thing they ever did by far. Karnvapen Attack are completely over-rated and I don't really know why people talk about them. The best song is "Ahhhhhhh" by Warsquad. I don't feel like writing something classy right now.

Download V/A-Internationally Pist

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